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Book Publishing Secrets For Entrepreneurs

How to Create an International Best-Selling Book in as Little as 90 Days Without Writing a Single Word!

 With these 5 Book Publishing Secrets, getting your book written, published, and into the hands of as many people as possible has never been easier!

 Learn how to create a book around your business or even launch a whole new business

 Evolve your finished book and become a #1 International Best Seller


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The 5 Core Steps to Your Publishing Success...

We used our own 5-step system in order to write the book above. We're not leaving out details or claiming willful ignorance on certain elements of the process. This is the exact process, step-by-step, that we used to write Book Publishing Secrets for Entrepreneurs. These key steps have been tested and refined by hundreds of clients who have finished and published their own books.

The first question you must ask yourself is, "Why should I write a book?" It's our belief that every person has at least 120 pages of content in them that they need to get out to the world. Being able to say that you've written a book, and being able to put a copy of it in a prospective client's hands is a very valuable thing.

Now that you know who you're writing your book for and what you're writing about, we need to get it written. But first, there are a few things you need to keep in mind while you are creating your book, as they will have an impact on later steps in the process. The first part of this process is to utilise various unique methods of rapid content creation in order to get the bulk of your words onto the "pages" so that later you can refine and rework it. 

Gone are the days when you have to shop your book around to publisher after publisher in an effort to find someone who will print your book and get it on store shelves. In the digital era, self-publishing a book has never been easier.

Promoting your book is the step that most authors fail to do correctly. This is largely because authors aren't willing to promote it. Many creative people seem to have the notion, "If it's good, people will come", but the truth is that if you don't promote it, nobody is ever going to know about it. This applies to all creative endeavours.

A lot of authors view their book as both the starting point and the endpoint. They don't think much further than the book. They don't think about how they can leverage their book to retain a captive audience or funnel them into another program (or, in the case of professional writers, funnel readers into another book).

Your Masterclass also includes...

5 Group Q&A Calls

We will host 5 LIVE calls covering the 5 key steps in the publishing process. These calls will be recorded for anyone who can't attend. If you attend live you will be able to ask questions and get a deeper understanding of the publishing process.  Your host will be John North CEO of Evolve Global Publishing who has been involved in 100's of books.

Cheat Sheets & Checklists

You will receive our complete set of forms and cheatsheets we use for book publishing process. Includes lifetime access so when we add or change you will also have immediate use.

These checklists and cheat sheets will save you many hours of frustration and give you a clear pathway to the finish line!

Evolve Book Publisher

This is our cloud writing solution which will allow you to follow our process and create your book. You can then manage the process chapter by chapter and involve other parties such as Editors and Proof Readers.

Evolve Publisher allows authors to create a beautiful book for ready for print and digital distribution.

Go from zero to published in minutes to produce a great-looking book ready for iTunes, Amazon, Google Play or any other major platform. 

Private Masterclass Group

You will have exclusive access to our private member's group. You can ask questions and even get other members to help you launch the book when you are ready.

Having other like-minded individuals is a great resource that cannot be valued high enough!

John North
CEO - Evolve Global Publishing
5 Time #1 International Best Selling Author and Publisher

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Join our CEO, John North a 5 Time #1 International Best Selling Author as well as being involved in 100's of Best Selling Launches to present this Author Masterclass.

  5 Modules covering the key steps of book publishing

  5 Live Q&A Calls where we will cover the 5 steps to publishing your own book.

  Special Member Discounts for Publishing Projects

  Lifetime access to the Masterclass Course

  Bonus Publishing Checklists & Cheat Sheets

  Private Masterclass Group

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